What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?

Selecting a name for your new product is not simple or straightforward as it may sound. It’s a critical component in the branding process and a mixture of creative and linguistic strategy is crucial to come up with an effective name. A name does more than identify your company or brand. It needs to resonate and connect with audiences, and tell customers who you are and what you do. Your product’s name differentiates you from your competitors and needs to be aligning with your objectives and the brand itself.  It gets even more complicated when the product is introduced to overseas countries, when other languages need to be examined by marketers to avoid the words or sounds are associated with negative connotations in the target markets. You can never underestimate the importance of the product name and must consider cultural factors of the target audience, as this will directly influence the success or failure of a product on the market.


If you relate this to promotional products you’ll see that choosing suitable merchandise for your campaign can be challenging as well. It’s just as important to find appropriate promo items that best represent your brand, connect with your target market as well as align with your objectives of your marketing strategy and promotional campaign. Make sure you choose promotional material that will appeal to the target audience, something that they will find useful and also associate with your business. For example if you’re looking to target architects or interior designers, think of something unique and useful at the same time, e.g. custom branded designer items such as stylish wooden USBs with your logo engraved, logo printed pebble erasers, light bulb usb sticks or scale rulers branded with your business logo for example make suitable promotional give-aways to cater these target audiences and enhance the way that your valued customers perceive your brand.


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