The Importance of Colors in Branding

The Importance of Colors in Branding

Even though there have been many attempts to classify consumer responses to specific colours, the perception of colours depend on personal experiences and can’t be universally associated to certain feelings or reactions.
Nevertheless there are common patterns as in regards to how colors are perceived and colors have a big impact on purchases and branding. According to the study called Impact of Color in Marketing, researchers revealed that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone (depending on the product).

To give you a better idea of the role that color plays in branding, results from studies such as The Interactive Effects of Colors indicate that the connection between brands and color is influenced by the perceived appropriateness of the color being used for the particular brand, meaning does the color “fit” the product or service that you’re offering?

The study Exciting Red and Competent Blue also reveals that purchase decisions extremely hinge on colors due to the impact they have on how a brand is perceived. This means that colors affect how consumers view the “personality” of the brand in question.

Other research results also show that our brains favour recognizable brands, which makes color incredibly important when creating a brand identity. New brands tend to specifically target colors that ensure differentiation and let them stand out from established competitors

The same concept applies for promotional products. When selecting promo gifts make sure to pick the item colours wisely and appropriately to your brand or product. Does it truly represent your brand? Does it fit what you’re selling? Choose colours that identify what the brand stands for and bring to life the values and personality of your brand. For example if you’re targeting executives or high end clients and you want your business to be perceived as trustworthy, luxury and premium, you could assume that quirky pink and glittery items might not be appropriate. It depends on individual perceptions, but luxury is mostly associated with black or silver, which in this case would probably be the more suitable color. If you have any trouble finding the right gift for your clients, feel free to get in touch with our Sense2 team and we’re happy to help you out!


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