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Customer Service – Fastest Turn Around at great prices!


The easiest company I have dealt with. The team always has Innovative product ideas , Great prices and Quick turn arounds.

The whole process always goes so smoothly and items are always delivered on or before the delivery date.

Highly Recommend!


Excellent Experience !

It was a seamless experience from start to finish. All the Staff at Sense2 are so helpful and efficient. I’ve got all my speakers in time and our logo looks awesome. Love the quality of the product as well. The thank you chocolates did make my day.. So thank you to all of you at Sense2


Good people

They’re nice and helpful. Happy with the product we got. Website is well layed out. My first choice for any promotional products.



One of the best supplier in Sydney!!

It was such a pleasant experience to work with Sense2!
Great communications, services and products! Anne is very friendly, helpful and proactive, she’s excel not only in customer services but also product delivery, highly recommended!


Fantastic Products and Customer Service

Extremely pleased with our product, the turn around and the communications that the team gave us during our Order. We would definitely recommend Sense2 and will be using them in the future.
Thank you.



Great service

Sense2 is excellent – staff are always friendly and willing to help. Fast delivery and they send samples free of charge wherever possible. A pleasure to deal with.



Excellent supplier of promo products

The team at Sense 2, have a great range of promotional products to choose from and provide excellent customer service- from quoting to delivery. We have purchases many branded items on behalf of our clients and have been very happy with the outcome. Thanks team


Reliable, fast and friendly

I’m a repeat customer of Sense 2 because they have a good range of products, provide good quality, fast turnaround and are lovely to deal with



Friendly and prompt service. Good quality items.

Sense2 are our go to for any branded promotional items. Thank you for looking after us.


Quick & easy with great customer service.

I purchased a significance number of speech bubble sticky notes for an event. A quick ‘google’ resulted in sense2 appearing and a phone call to Ann. In less than 2 days I received a desired quote, had it approved by senior management and paid for by credit card, all done by email. I enjoyed searching the website for my ‘wish list’ promotions. Looking forward to revisiting.


Always friendly and responsive

The team always goes out of their way to investigate products that are not displayed on their website. They are always up for the challenge to meet our ridiculous deadlines. We love the team, they are fabulous to work with and would recommend to anyone.


Nail Files Purchased form SENSE2

I looked everywhere for large nail files we could brand with our Logo with NO luck from many Promotional type companies. I Googled Embroidery Boards and found SENSE2. Within minutes I had a email reply with photo’s, sizes, prices and print/delivery times. Anne quickly sent a sample and was great to deal with the professional nature of the team was amazing. The proofs were sent and changes were discussed and quickly made – the printed nail files arrived and I am very, very happy with the product and service. I will order from this company again. Well done Anne & Nancy good to see excellent customer service. I have received NO benefits from doing this review – I wanted to share my great experience with Sense2.



Sense 2

Great experience. Great service. Great products.


Great company to do business with

Great company if you like good & prompt service. Great customer service. The owners / staff are very honest and can discuss or negotiate details openly. Good variety of products are available for selection. the owners / staff always try to accommodate most request (a much as possible). A happy customer.




I loved working with this company. They beat our expectations in everyway. I also love they have quirky different Promo items not seen on the mainstream market



Sense2 = Promotion

Very few companies are a pleasure to deal with these days. I needed a very unique promotional item and Sense2 researched it and delivered. All coupled with their amazing customer service. Other companies take note as Sense2 gets the basics and the hard stuff right!



Great supplier

Sense 2 are very reliable and prompt with their services


Will definitely use Sense2 again!!

Great product. very happy with the end result. Anna was a great help and did everything possible to help meet our deadline. Will definitely use Sense2 again!!

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Custom Branding Options Explained

Our range of branding options include Silk Screen Printing, Pad Printing, 4 Colour Process Printing, full colour digital print, Laser Engraving, Etching, Embossing, Embroidery PVC injected, Sticker printed or Custom shaped.


Branding Options


Custom Shaped






This is the ultimate way of creating an engaging promotional product. Customise your promotional product by completely designing the shape of the item from scratch. You can search our products by different branding options to find which items you can custom shape!

















Custom Shaped promotional products by sense2

Custom Shaped promotional products by sense2


custom shaped felt coasters

custom Shaped promotional coasters



















































Silkscreen Print

Silkscreen print is the most popular branding option and is done by printing a solid colour onto the product. Usually we can silkscreen print in more than only 1 colour however it involves a higher cost as each colour in the design will require an individual printing plate and no shading can be printed, only solid colours. We can match exact PMS colours when we use silkscreen printing.

Screen printing involves forcing ink through a mesh screen with a squeegee onto the product or substrate and is excellent for large print areas on flat or cylindrical objects. Close PMS matches can be achieved on white surfaces but as the colour of the product gets darker the ability to match PMS colours diminishes. Screen printing is best suited for spot colour reproduction and is not recommended for logos with half tones in them.












silkscreen print

silkscreen printed promotional products by sense2




silkscreen print

silkscreen printed lanyards by sense2














measuring tape for Colette

silkscreen printed tape measure by sense2












silkscreen pritned calico bags

silkscreen printed calico bags

























Pad Printing



Pad printing is very similar to silkscreen printing and is done by using a silicone pad that has been inked. Each colour in your logo will require an individual printing plate. Usually we can pad print in more than only 1 colour however it involves a higher cost.

Pad printing uses a silicone pad to transfer an image to a product from a laser etched printing plate. Pad printing is one of the most practical and popular ways of branding promotional products due to its ability to reproduce images on uneven or curved surfaces and print multiple colours in a single pass. Close PMS matches can be achieved on white surfaces but as the colour of the product gets darker the ability to match PMS colours diminishes.











pad printed yogamats playstation

pad printed yoga mats by sense2














pad printed earphone case

pad printed earphones by sense2

























































Digital full colour print



This production method is used for printing media such as paper, vinyl and magnetic material used in the manufacture of labels, badges and fridge magnets etc. Both digital inkjet and digital printing presses are used in the production of digital media. It is difficult to reproduce PMS colour matches with digital printing.

Direct to product digital printing involves the transfer of ink directly from the print head of a special inkjet machine to the product and can be used to produce full colour printing on flat or slightly curved surfaces. It is difficult to reproduce PMS colour matches and some colours including metallic gold and silver are not possible to achieve. One big advantage of direct digital is that these machines can print a layer of white ink under the copy making them ideal for branding dark coloured products.
digitally printed phone covers

digitally printed iphone phone covers by sense2
































4 Colour Process Printing



4 colour process print is like a photographic print and is ideal to use when you have fine detail or shading in your logo. The colour match is quite good, but it is not a perfect PMS colour match like silkscreen print.















full colour process print

full colour process printed inflatables by sense2





































Full colour digital by Sublimation print





The latest technology to allow you to brand your bags  and products in full colour digital sublimation print. Please note that this type of print is not long lasting, and can blurr over time- i.e. in 1 year -  when goods are kept in moist or warm environments.










sublimation print on bags

Sublimation printed pencil bags by Sense2










sublimation print

sublimation printed felt coasters by sense2



































































Laser Engraving your logo





Engraving your logo on one of our promotional products is usually done by Laser engraving. where the laser removes a thin layer of the metal surface. Your logo becomes part of the promotional product and is impossible to remove. Sometimes the engraved effect will be a different metal colour to the outside metal coating of your product. We can also engrave wood or plastic. Engraving is usually a more expensive branding method.

Laser engraving gives a permanent finish and creates a higher perceived value than direct printing. It is ideal for metal and glass items and because it is a digital process can be used for personalizing products with individual names. Different materials produce different effects when engraved and if you are uncertain about the engraved finish please ask for a pre production sample.









bmw pens laser engraved

Laser engraved pens by Sense2









































Etching and laser engraving are very similar – etching is generally used for branding glassware where the logo appears frosted in comparison to the rest of the glass.


Custom branding option- Etching









Embossing & Heat Stamped


Embossing is similar to a stamping process and can be done on leather goods. Sometimes it can be combined with foil printing. We can only do this on some of our promotional items.


embossed Notebooks

embossed notebooks by Sense2


embossed pvc cover notebook

embossed notebooks by sense2















































































heat burnt branding

heat engraved coasters


































An embroidered logo is basically stitching a logo onto an item such as a cap or towel. The thread colour can usually be matched closely to your corporate PMS colour. The cost of an embroidered logo depends on the exact size. The larger the logo the more stitches are involved and the more costly it becomes.

embroidery  on Hat

Embroidered Hats by Sense2



































PVC injected






This means that a soft rubber key ring is moulded out of rubber material with different colours of rubber forming the final shaped key ring.












pvc injected

PVC Injected rubber tag


























































Full Colour Heat Transfer

There are several methods of producing heat transfers. They can be printed and cut to shape on a digital inkjet printer. The disadvantage of this method is that the transfer can look like a label when heat pressed onto the product. Other methods are screen print, offset or full colour digital printing onto a release media. These methods give a finished print very similar to direct printing but the image is often much sharper and can reproduce finer detail. Heat transfers are commonly used to brand textile surfaces and bags. They are heat pressed onto the product and produce a permanent bond. Only approximate PMS colour matches are possible with digital printing.


heat transfer branding

heat transfer trucker caps by Sense2





















Epoxy resin coated finish



Resin coating an image produces a stunning 3 dimensional effect and elevates the perceived value of any product. Vinyl labels are resin coated which produces a very durable weather proof label that is almost indestructible. Resin labels can be printed in full colour and used very effectively to brand a large variety of products. As they are digitally printed, only approximate PMS colour matches are possible.

Resin Expoxy finish

Epoxy finish branding





























Full Colour Label Sticker







Full colour labels are used for products with substrates that are difficult to print successfully with any other method. Full colour labels are either printed with a digital inkjet printer if they are vinyl or a digital printing press for paper labels. Only approximate PMS colour matches are possible with digital printing.

FullColour label sticker

Sticker branding by sense2








































Kiln Fired Decal on Mugs



Kiln fired decals are transfers printed with a ceramic ink that are applied to coffee mugs and glassware which are then fired at high temperatures in a kiln. The advantage of kiln fired decals is that the print becomes part of the surface and is permanent. They are also good for decorating mug handles and the inside lip as well as producing larger print areas on irregular shaped mugs or glasses. It is possible to obtain approximate PMS colour matches.

Kiln fired








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Recent projects – Branded Inflatables

Sunkist & Sunglass Hut – Hello Sunshine

Today, the 1st December, marks the first day of summer here in Australia. Time to get your brand out there and set up your summer promotions!

Just in time to celebrate summer and Sung-lass Hut’s most recent sun-glass collection here in Oz we produced custom made high-gloss beach balls that have been installed at Sunglass Hut stores allover Australia. You can currently see them installed in shop windows at Sydney airport for example. The attached photos show a window installation where custom-made beach balls were used and enjoyed maximum brand exposure in New York City during June (image source:

Tamarama Beach Balls

Beach Balls - 30cm


Custom branded colourful beach balls are exciting products that get people talking and are sure to make a huge splash for any summer promotion!



Or use branded surfboards to create a branded surf frenzy at the beach!


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Custom Printed Wedding Gifts

Make your Wedding Day a day to remember!

If you think promotional products are only for businesses or companies, you should quickly have a closer look at our huge range and unique selection of give-aways that cater any event and will make a tasteful addition to your wedding. Personalize your wedding favours and wow your guests with custom branded tokens of appreciation that will sure delight guests as they hit the road. If you’re looking for something indispensable and wedding favours that your guest will definitely want to keep, Sense2 has got you covered. We’ve put together our top favourite wedding favours that are creative, affordable, and unforgettable treats that will impress your guests and be remembered.


Custom branded Wedding Toasting Glasses

Personalized champagne flutes or shot glasses with e.g. your initials engraved, are a special way to toast your special day. Cheers!


Wine Or Champagne Drinking Glasses

Personalized Lollies & Cupcake Toppings

Send friends and family members home with a sweet reminder of your big day. Custom branded rock candy, smarties or marshmallows are delicious that your guests can whip up as soon as they get home.


Printed Cupcake Tops

Fortune Cookies with Lucky Messages

Just add your heartfelt words and hand them out to your lucky guests!


Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookie Key Chains

Personalized Candles

Personalized wedding candles bring a touch of classic to your wedding tables and make a great thank you gift for your special day.


Round Scented Soy Candle (11cm)

Personalized Flip Flops

The ladies in heels will appreciate these!


Hangover Kits

Chances are you aren’t feeling too great the day after your wedding, neither will some of your guests. Simply personalize small spring water bottles and eye masks with your message, put them in a little favour bag (which can also be branded) and hand them out to your guests after the wedding to cure their next day hangovers all across the board.



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Get creative and welcome summer with exciting promo products!

Sunshine, beach and salty hair! Summer’s almost here and with it a whole bunch of beach events and campaigns that offer unique promotional opportunities during these warmer months. As the days become hotter it’s time to think about promotional products that will best help your company through the summer and cool gifts that your clients will want on even the hottest days and sure to use right away.



sunkist inflatable surfboards


























If you want to attract people into becoming customers it needs to be thought of what products will people find useful at this time of year? Where will your clients be and what will they be doing? Either sitting in boiling offices or getting their tan on down at the beach? We have everything you need to start your summer promotion off right!

Thongs With Comfort Straps

Aviator Style Sunglasses


Our promotional summer products and give-aways offer many exciting possibilities for businesses, companies and organisations looking to connect with their audience. Our promotional summer giveaways with custom logo print are personalised with your artwork and are suitable for any beach or outdoor event. Our broad range of summer and beach items include custom branded sunglasses, flip flops, handheld mini fans to cool your clients down, pocket sized sunscreens with or without carabiner attachment, hats and sun visors, beach towels and (cooler) bags, BBQ sets for summer parties, sand toys for the little ones or mosquito repellent that comes in handy when the sun goes down, there are plenty of promotional possibilities perfectly suited to the summer months.


Cocktail Umbrellas

Striped Cotton Beach Bags

These beach, summer and outdoor marketing giveaways all allow for logo print add value to any promo campaign! If you’re after something in particular, something tailor made to spice up your promo campaign, we can also produce custom made products based on your ideas and inspirations. Just recently we produced custom inflatable surfboards for Sunkist in customized colour and with custom full colour logo branding!





Beach Towels (economy 350gsm)

As you can see the options for unique and appealing summer promo products are endless! If you’re looking for summer gimmicks that will certainly become memorable and wow your clients, please feel free to get in touch and we can put together different options that will suit your campaign.


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Recent Projects: Spreading the Rail Safety Message with “Dumb Ways to Die

Recent Projects: Spreading the Rail Safety Message with “Dumb Ways to Die”


Metro’s Dumb Ways to Die is a great “be safe around trains” awareness program.

Following the success of the ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ smartphone and tablet game, Metro Trains has now released a follow-up title. Created by McCann Melbourne and produced by developer Millipede, ‘Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games’ builds on the remarkable success of the franchise to date. A hit with young people, the first Dumb Ways to Die game went to number one on the iTunes App Store in over 21 countries, clocking up over 70 milion downloads and over 1.2 billion plays. Following the initial phase of viral campaign, the game successfully extended the Dumb Ways to Die campaign, generating millions of hours of engagement with the rail safety message.

dumbways metro

“We hope to surprise and delight people of all ages with a really fun and entertaining game, while still conveying a serious safety message. With this campaign it became cool to be safe and dumb to take risks around trains.”

dumbways sweatbands










Pat Baron, McCann Melbourne ECD, added: “Two years on, it’s extraordinary to think that affection for the campaign is still growing. It’s a powerful thing to put your message in the hands of young people and to do so in a way that brings such joy is a rare privilege.”



Metro also has experts who come to school and community group to talk about safety, travel and trains.

To promote and support their campaign with promotional give-aways we worked closely with McCann Melbourne and produced custom made sweatbands for their promotions with Metro Trains as you can see on the attached pics from the launch of Dumb Ways to Die 2 at Surreydumb nails Hills Primary in Melbourne.



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Movember – Get your Promo’stache ready!

Movember – Get your Promo’stache ready!




















Put down those razors. It’s officially November and with it comes the start of Movember,

The global awareness movement for men’s health including prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health. During Movember men all around the world grow moustaches for the 30 days of November to raise funds and in the process increase awareness for men’s health.

Felt Mustaches

Time to start planning some fancy facial hair and promo merch for a good cause!

What better inspiration to gear up for the month than our promotional fake moustaches and custom made magnetic moustaches with or without your logo. We can also do custom moustache keyrings, badges or felt coasters in moustache shape. These promotional gimmicks with custom message are a fantastic moustache-growing inspiration and motivation in the form of Movember giveaways.  Get in touch with us if you need more promo ideas for Movember and unique ideas to promote a good cause!




Custom Magnetic Moustaches
Fake Moustache
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Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat!

Boo! It’s Halloween, one of the best days for giveaways, not only for kids. Halloween themed promotional products are great for promotions that see customers dropping by in your store in full costume to receive a free gift as a treat or sampling promotions on the street as well as gift with purchase campaigns. So get into the mood with our top new and classic festive promotional Halloween gimmicks.



halloween mini





























  • Promotional Wound Temporary Tattoos or glow in the dark tattoos

Custom promotional tattoos are ideal for cheap promotions! Make a tattoo in your desired design to look like a real wound. The wound temporary tattoos are totally safe and yet give you a realistic-looking stitched-up injury. They are a fabulous addition to any Film, Fancy Dress or Halloween promotion.

Wound Temporary Tattoos

Glow In The Dark Temporary Tattoos


  • Promotional Liquid Blood Bags or DVD Sleeves filed with blood

Liquid filled bags with blood coloured red liquid for scary effects are ideal for halloween promotions. Have blood looking liquid inside your choice of bag or envelope or DVD cover to help sell your message or Halloween event tickets!


Liquid Blood Bags

Liquid Filled DVD Sleeve
  • Promotional Halloween Trick-Or-Treat candy &  lollies

Custom branded packs with Jelly babies, smarties, chocolates or lollies are a tasty, yet a powerful reminder of you. Custom make your own Halloween Rock Candy with orange flavour coat and a little bat inside! A delicious way for people to get their mouth around your brand! Promotional trick or treat lollies are really great for any Halloween promotional campaign: you can communicate to people of all ages, demographics and geographics!


Sun Jars


  • Promotional Custom Shaped Felt Keyrings and Coasters

Promotional Felt Keyrings in pumpkin, ghost or skull shape, it’s up to you! Let your creativity run wild, custom shaped felt keyrings are a contemporary and a cheap keyring option that can be custom shaped at a very small quantity. The felt coasters and keyrings are made of environmentally friendly recycled non woven material and make a great surprise in any Halloween goodie bag!




Custom Shaped Felt Coasters
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Slip, Slop, Slap – Summertime means Sunburn Time! Bring out the summer promo gear to protect your clients!

Slip, slop, slap – Summertime means Sunburn Time! Bring out the summer gimmicks to protect your clients!


Promotional summer products and give-aways offer many exciting possibilities for businesses, companies and organisations looking to connect with their audience.


Mirror Lens Wayferer Sunglasses

Especially Australia with its intense UV rays is a region where sun protection products really work to promote your brand. Did you know that every year in Oz skin cancers account for around 80% of all newly diagnosed cancers? The skin cancer rate in Australia is one of the highest in the world, two to three times the rates in Canada, the US and the UK. Sense2 has a great range of sunscreens, sun hats and summer products on the shelves now to shield your skin from the sun’s dangerous rays. Our sun protection range suits everbody’s needs and comes in various sizes including sunscreen roll-on, tubes, sprays, pump packs, zinc, lip balms or practical and convenient sun protection combo sticks. To protect your clients, employees or yourself from harmful sun exposure, Sense2 has got you covered!

Dallas Sunscreen (25ml) SPF 50

Zinc Sticks

Our promotional sunscreen tubes and sunscreen bottles as well as sunscreen sachets with custom logo print are personalised with your logo and are suitable for any beach or outdoor event. These marketing giveaways add value to any summer campaign!


Striped Cotton Beach Bags

Regardless if your skin is fair or a bit darker, under the scorching sun your sunscreen is not an option but a necessity of anyone’s life. Prevent and promote sun safety by handing out promotional bottles of sunscreen with your logo printed on them.



Deluxed Beach Towels (Large)

Our range includes many different sizes, e.g. mini sunscreens make an ideal size event favour, great for gift bags, or to pack for vacation travel, especially our sunscreens with carabiner are perfect for outdoor or sporting events and easy to attach to golf bags, back packs or school bags.



Zig Zag Beach Towels

You can also provide extra relief for the already sun burnt clients with our custom branded promotional after sun gel tubes. The gel has a pleasant refreshing fragrance and is readily absorbed leaving skin feeling soft and cool. For a large gift giveaway and direct mail or mail outs, try our promotional sunscreen sachets and promotional sunscreen squeeze sachets. Our custom printed and cheap branded promotional sunscreen sachets are cost effective and provide the perfect marketing tool for your business to ensure your promotion will be remembered. All of our sun protection items are personalized with your custom logo or artwork which offers a great opportunity to raise skin cancer and sun protection awareness and spreading your message at the same time.



summer time

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Fundraising Tip: Community Events

Fundraising Tip: Community Events


There are various options for events you can organise to raise money. Options may include a party, family day, a disco or trivia night or food & wine fair.

Events can be extremely worthwhile not only for community builders but also fundraisers.  Since large-scale events involve a lot, time or resources you may want to consider participating in a community event run by another organisation, such as local events, festivals or open days.

Offering to run a stall will save time and money compared to running your own event. How about a sausage sizzle, cupcake stand, face painting or colour in competition for kids? Stalls are a great and easy way to raise funds and create awareness among your community. An important element of your fundraising stall that should not be missed is organising promotional charity or fundraising gifts and give-aways.


Custom branded items such as charity bows and pins, balloons, lolly packs, lollipops, wristbands or charity cards are ideal for events such as these and are commonly used to increase breast cancer awareness, environment, anti violence or HIV awareness. Or get custom branded coffee cups and napkins to go with your BBQ or cupcakes.

Printed Macaroons
logo printed macaroons
Printed Cupcake Tops
branded cupcakes
Logo Smarties (25 g)
branded smarties
Printed Square Cocktail Napkins

Community events will help build engagement with your broader community towards your fundraising goals and also raise money without the stress of organising your own event.  You can also benefit from the promotion of the event to your own community! If you’re after promotional fundraising or charity ideas please get in touch with our Sense2 team, who is looking forward to putting together different options for you.


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